lördag 22 november 2008

fredag 31 oktober 2008

Trick or treats

Joakim joined a few of the neighbouring kids for some 'trick or treats' ('bus eller godis') on Halloween. It was a cold and wet afternoon/evening but Joakim, the little ghost, wasn't to give up before he had visited what felt like every single house in the village with a Jacko lantern on the doorstep.

The monster in the middle of the first picture was freaking him out a bit which is why the dummy came to use.

måndag 27 oktober 2008

Farmor visiting

Farmor came for a visit to drop of a present for the newborn. Little no-name got some clothes with Bamse (the bear) on. Of course Joakie also scored something. He got a pull carriage with square blocks -lots of fun. By the way, notice Joakim´s new haircut! He was a a really good boy at the hairdresser on Sunday sitting still for nearly 20 minutes. Am still amazed.

söndag 26 oktober 2008

Train ride

After a long summer/autumn of construction train services finally re-commenced at Rydbo on the weekend. The event was celebrated on Sunday with old trains from the beginning of last century operating the line. Great fun thought Joakie.

Here he is singing a tribute to dad ('pappa') on the return trip (though this time on a modern train).

Mr Mischief and little brother

lördag 25 oktober 2008

fredag 24 oktober 2008

måndag 20 oktober 2008

lördag 18 oktober 2008

Joakie and Dixie, the neighbour´s dog

Joakie loves the dog and here he is giving it lots of cuddles. He even offered his lunch sandwich which Dixie gladly accepted.

Autumn bonfire

Today was the communal clean-up day, cleaning up all the communal areas around the houses. Alexis finally had an excuse not to participate and not just that she just didn't want to. Joakim, however, was helping out with the burning of garden refuse chucking leaves and sticks in the fire.

måndag 13 oktober 2008

fredag 10 oktober 2008

Pyjama collage

Up to some mischief

Laughing out loud

Joakies´morning coffee

Having brekkie

Snapping a photo. The sore on the nose is from playing with a plastic box at Dagis.

At coffe table re-enacting the paving from yesterday. Lucky enough his toy box even contains paving equipment such as a street roller.

fredag 3 oktober 2008

Joakim ringing

Kerstin-mormor, farmor and baba receive a phone call... or five...

tisdag 26 augusti 2008

Borrowing Connor´s tractor

Follow Joakie on one of his rides. A bit distracted by the camera at times only. He's now got the concept of borrowing down and nicely parks the tractor outside Connor´s house after his ride.

Joakie´s daily inspection at Rydbo Station

This is where Joakie´s daily ride with the tractor is headed. At least in the summer and up until a few weeks ago when it was all happening down at the Rydbo station.

Very interested spectator...

Construction work going on at Rydbo Station.

fredag 18 juli 2008

Midsummer at Mörtviken

Joakim is enjoying the new Midsummer tradition of Pavlova.

fredag 30 maj 2008

Painting the roof at Dagis (Myran)

Daddy is coming to pick up at Dagis but Joakie has more important things to worry about. He just can't leave until the roof is finished.